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We have solid Initiatives to grow your workplace wellness culture


Next Generation Online Wellness Resource

Join workplaces around the country giving animated wellness strategies to their people, wherever they are, with our cutting-edge digital platform. We deliver short clips weekly that are packed with fun & easy techniques to give them wellness at their fingertips.

onsite chiropractic

Onsite Chiropractic care at your place

This is one of our most popular and effective strategies. Chiropractic care has a lot of proven scientific benefits - and our onsite consultations help your staff feel fantastic during their busy working day. Our one-on-one appointments save time and money - and help your people feel valued.


Wellness Workshops, in person or online

Wellness comes from within - you just need to have some strategies that work. Dr. Mark Cunningham is an inspiring speaker; passionate about empowering people with the tools they need to achieve wellness. He has been speaking publically for a number of years - online & in person.


We’re helping people around new zealand

"The activities have really helped me.
I really appreciate the positive approach."

Catherine, Vodafone NZ

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We also offer cutting-edge Digital Media Solutions

media creation

want media creation?

We can help you get your message heard in a variety of ways. Get custom animations, video shoots, presentations or podcasts produced with the help of our qualified media & communications specialist, Brittany.

membership website

Need a membership website?

If you have great content (or great ideas) and need a framework to put them on to generate recurring revenue, then we can help. We've been successfully making money online with digital content for a number of years - and now you can too.


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